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Eithron – The largest egg cup in the world.

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The egg cup ”Eithron“ (German for egg throne) is the ultimate symbol of creation, which makes it the ceremonial centre piece of each breakfast. It’s one of, if not the biggest and sacred egg cups in the world.

The idea

The concept for the oversized egg cup, baptised as Eithron (German for egg throne), is now 15 years old. Back then, my friend and I handmade our egg cups from used pizza boxes, paper and trash. These then ended up as Christmas presents.

The way

Over the years, I kept toying around with this concept in my head. The head in question belonging to Kay Sonnenberg, born and raised in a small town in the county of Mecklenburg, Germany. I’ve been living in Schwerin for more than 20 years now. During this time, philosophy and perception of everyday life has been my main interest. This journey has led me to become a worshipper of creation itself. At times, it has been very challenging to find a way of expressing my realisations and the insights that I’ve gained. The Eithron is my latest effort – a memorial for the egg as the symbol of creation. Contrary to other monuments, my design can actually be put into practical use.

The goal

It is my expressed wish, that each owner of the Eithron celebrates his breakfast egg. And hopefully even if just for a little moment – mirroring Eastern meditation – time will stand still. With the result that this tiny, but mighty symbol of creation will taste even better.

”It does not matter so much, what we see, but how we see it.“

Kay Sonnenberg, philosopher